Bachelor's degree in Marketing

Presentation of the sector

The Bachelor of Management in Marketing at the private university LBS aims to provide academic and practical knowledge on the process of creating value for a product/brand/company.

This degree in marketing provides in-depth training in the fields of Marketing, Distribution, Sales and Commercial Negotiation, Communication and Sales Promotion Techniques, Sales Force Management, etc., particularly in Tunisia and on a global scale.

Targeted skills

At the end of the course, the student will be able to :
- Understand the concept of the market, study and analyse it
- Sell the company's products and services
- Establish a typology of clients/consumers
- Develop a commercial argument
- Apply merchandising and commercial prospecting techniques
- Draw up a marketing plan
- Optimise the targeting of a marketing campaign
- Draw up an assessment of marketing actions
- Define a relational marketing strategy
- Define a product development strategy
- Organise a telemarketing campaign promotion and communication
- Manage a marketing project
- Organise and run a sales and marketing department
- Identify the customer's needs, present the products and advise them
- Follow up customers (loyalty operations, updating files, satisfaction surveys, etc.))
- Develop a portfolio of clients/prospects

In addition, the following cross-cutting skills can be demonstrated by graduates of this degree in marketing:

- Ability to communicate in English and French (oral and written) in the field of marketing, justified by a certification recognised in Tunisia and internationally,
- To integrate and evolve in the professional environment.

Main opportunities

- Marketing Manager
- E-commercial
- Marketing Research Officer,
- Client Manager,
- Communication and Events Manager,
- Product Manager
- Public Relations Officer,
- Intranet and Extranet Project Manager,
- Marketing Consultant,
- Advertising Manager in agency,
- Sales Administration Manager.
- Communication Officer

International Certifications

Certification management

Conditions of access

In the first year:
- Hold a Tunisian Baccalaureate
- Hold a foreign Baccalaureate accepted as equivalent in Tunisia
In the second year: A first year successfully completed in the same speciality
In the third year: A second year successfully completed in the same speciality
- Admission: competitive examination on the basis of a portfolio and interview

Registration fees

All costs mentioned are exclusive of VAT (the current rate in January 2020 is 7%)
Type of FeeTunisian studentsInternational Students
Application fee
(payable only once on first registration in a cycle at LBS)
500 DTTTC234 € without VAT (i.e. 250 € including VAT)
Annual registration fee6825 DTHT3400 € EXCL.
Semester 1
Semester 2
Semester 3
Semester 4
Semester 5
Semester 6
LGTC111Management Principles 15Sep-DecP
LGTC121Financial Accounting 15Sep-DecP
LGTC141Mathematics 15Sep-DecP
LGTC151Introduction to Law2Sep-DecP
LGTC152Financial Mathematics3Sep-DecP
LGTC161English 12Sep-DecP
LGTC162ICT skills 13Sep-DecP
LGTC211Management Principles 25Jan-MayP
LGTC221Financial Accounting 25Jan-MayP
LGTC231Mathematics 25Jan-MayP
LGTC241Descriptive Statistics and Probability Calculations5Jan-MayP
LGTC252Commercial Company Law2Jan-MayP
LGTC261English 22Jan-MayP
LGTC262ICT skills 23Jan-MayP
LGTC311Management fundamentals5Sep-DecP
LGTC321Management Accounting5Sep-DecP
LGTC331Marketing Fundamentals5Sep-DecP
LGTC341Conferences and Seminars5Sep-DecP
LGTC351English 32Sep-DecP
LGTC352Personal development and coaching 13Sep-DecP
LGTC362Inferential Statistics2Sep-DecP
LGTC411HRM Fundamentals5Jan-MayP
LGTC421Financial Diagnosis5Jan-MayP
LGTC431Production Management5Jan-MayP
LGTC441Methodology for writing an internship report5Jan-MayP
LGTC451English 42Jan-MayP
LGTC452Personal development and coaching 23Jan-MayP
LGTC461Management information system3Jan-MayP
LGTC462Modelling and Decision Support2Jan-MayP
LGMK511Marketing Strategy3Sep-DecP
LGMK512Price and product management2Sep-DecP
LGMK521Marketing Research4Sep-DecP
LGMK531Consumer Behaviour Analysis4Sep-DecP
LGMK541Drafting and validation of the internship report5Sep-DecP
LGMK551Business English 12Sep-DecP
LGMK561Digital Marketing4Sep-DecP
LGMK562Services marketing3Sep-DecP
LGMK611Distribution Strategies5Jan-MayP
LGMK621Marketing Communication4Jan-MayP
LGMK631Marketing Data Analysis4Jan-MayP
LGMK641Tutored project5Jan-MayP
LGMK651Business English 22Jan-MayP
LGMK652Introduction to the Web3Jan-MayP
LGMK661International Marketing4Jan-MayP

    Head of the sector

    Dr.Manel NAJAR

    Office 312 3rd floor
    Rue du Lac d'Annecy,
    Les Berges du Lac 1053,
    Tunis, Tunisia

    (+216)-70 026 426

    Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00

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